Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where should I begin?

It's hot as hell in the southeast already. Mid eighties and it's not even June yet. School is finished and there are so many things I can think of that I should be doing instead of blogging, for instance, starting research for my dissertation, cleaning my filthy chaotic house, weeding, calling my mother, and laundry. So, does this make blogging stupid? I suppose doing one thing when you should be doing another does not by default make the thing you are doing stupid. But why blog? Why me? Should I stay focused on one topic? Should I take pictures of things I think are interesting and create captions? Is a blog a memoir? I suppose I am confounded by the genre of the blog. I read blogs occasionally, I write in a journal, I do take pictures, and I do lots of stuff. But why start a blog about any of it? Here's me musing . . . and who is to say it's interesting at all.